I love to photograph people in natural places, natural light, and natural poses. Because I believe that somewhere between a glamour shot and a mug shot is "the shot"—the one that reveals the beauty of the moment, rather than manufacturing it.   I believe pictures tell a story, and that story does not have to be, “look how great we all could pose.” I know that childhood is fleeting, family is our most treasured gift, and our work is endless—and a few good photos can remind us how lucky we really are.  I believe that nature is more than a backdrop; it’s also a teacher, a confidant, and yeah, a mother. 

On that note, I believe moms should get in the picture. I think women are most beautiful when they are doing something they like, or looking at someone they love.   Children will one day cherish that picture of you with them. I know, as I lost my mom and carry a photo of the two of us around with me. So please, get in the shot.

I believe in giving back, and that I get as much as I give, through volunteer work, community service, and donating my time and talent to nonprofits.  

I believe the most interesting person in the world is the one I’m with at the moment, and the most beautiful photo is the one that means something to you.