Photography Camps and classes





In the summer of 2019, I will be partnering with Bend Parks and Rec and Central Oregon Community College to offer several weeks of youth photography camps. This partnership means that I will be able to offer van transportation to some of our beautiful natural areas so that I can get the kids outside and exploring their world through a lens. I also plan to offer camps that will focus on portraiture and photojournalism, and give kids the opportunity to work with seniors at a local retirement center as they interview and photograph residents. To register for these camps, please visit Bend Parks and Rec or the COCC websites for details.


Do you own a DSLR but only operate it in automatic mode?   Want to learn the fundamentals of photography and the meaning of all the symbols on the camera dial?   I can meet you in your home or coffee shop and teach you how to move off automatic mode and compose a better image.    Rates are $50.00/hr.    Call or email me to schedule something soon.


Visiting a senior center

Campers interviewed residents at a senior center and photographed them. We delivered framed portraits and stories to the participants.


Getting outdoors

We went for a scavenger hunt and worked on photographing nature using different perspectives and angles.


AT the farm

Alpacas are the silliest creatures. The girls found out how fun (and frustrating) it is to photograph animals.



Baking cupcakes and taking pictures along the way. It was a hit!