Schoolyard Farms
Brook Hieserich leads a group of kids through the farm at Candy Cane Lane
Santiago enjoys spending time in the farm.
Courtney Leeds, co-founder of Schoolyard Farms, with Charlotte
Winter squash harvest
Charlotte loves the winter squash.
Schoolyard Farms-28.jpg
Ruby picks some radishes
Schoolyard Farms-15.jpg
Schoolyard Farms-11.jpg
Lizzie Simpson helps weed the farm.
Brooke Hieserich, Education Manager
Schoolyard Farms-75.jpg
Annika La Fave, Farm Manager
Krista Basis, Brooke Hieserich and Courtney Leeds of Schoolyard Farms
Students who volunteer are given produce to take home.
Schoolyard Farms-90.jpg
High school students helping spread seed at the New Urban School farm.
Schoolyard Farms-57.jpg
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